Last Updated:  14/07/2024

Novice / Refresh Req'd
Level 2 (State)
Level 3 (National)
Level 4 (World)

Referees are reminded that to maintain your current referee level, you need to either:

  • refereed at least one competition equivalent to your referee level within the last 3 years; OR
  • remained active in the sport as a competitor and refereed at least one competition equivalent to your referee level within the last 5 years

If you have not refereed a competition equivalent to your referee level within the last 6 years, you will be required to undertake a refresher exam to ensure you are familiar with all rule book changes.

WPC Rule Book - 2023 Edition, Revised November 2023

Heather Davidson          ACT Level 3 (National)
Lauren Ashleigh ACT Level 3 (National)
John Bryne ACT Novice
Ariel Dencio ACT Novice
Billy Giampaolo ACT Novice
Medina Hajdarevic ACT Novice
Petar Krajina  ACT Novice
Glen Stewart ACT Novice
Frankie Verhasselt ACT Novice
Katrina Wilson ACT Novice
Amy Young ACT Novice
Mary Birch NSW Level 4 (World)
Ron Birch NSW Level 4 (World)
Laurie Butler NSW Level 4 (World)
Greg Hills NSW Level 4 (World)
Peter Weatherall NSW Level 4 (World)
Taylor Young NSW Level 4 (World)
Kelvin Naumanen NSW Level 3 (National)
Michael Nicholas NSW Level 3 (National)
Chris Ross NSW Level 3 (National)
Herb Turvey NSW Level 3 (National)
Michelina Weatherall NSW Level 3 (National)
Alex Lowe NSW Level 2 (State)
George McLaren NSW Level 2 (State)
Trish Tindal NSW Level 2 (State)
Dan Wright NSW Level 2 (State)
Marie Elptiya Badalge NSW Novice
Danny Booth NSW Novice
Wulff Breitsameter NSW Novice
Josh Brown NSW Novice
Sarah Cassidy NSW Novice
Kelly Drake NSW Novice
Jamie Flood NSW Novice
Matt Flood NSW Novice
Damien Garrety NSW Novice
Lyndell Gavin NSW Novice
Alli Goodsell NSW Novice
Danielle Hills NSW Novice
Abby Hughes NSW Novice
Brittany Jones NSW Novice
Sarah McCartney-Kallidis NSW Novice
Taylor O'Moore McClelland NSW Novice
Dale McLean NSW Novice
Irina Musat NSW Novice
Micah San Pascual NSW Novice
Michael Piccoli NSW Novice
Jai Quinlan NSW Novice
Jake Smith NSW Novice
Sukru Yavuz NSW Novice
Mitch Munro NT Level 2 (State)
Dave Smith NT Level 2 (State)
Lolita Wikander NT Level 2 (State)
Mason Jardine QLD Level 4 (World)
Paul Nay QLD Level 4 (World)
Jessica Rose QLD Level 4 (World)
Dino Toci QLD Level 4 (World)
Michael Trentin QLD Level 4 (World)
Chris Brown QLD Level 3 (National)
Dan Cann QLD Level 3 (National)
Amie Cox QLD Level 3 (National)
Maurie Craggs QLD Level 3 (National)
Cyll Duncan QLD Level 3 (National)
Joshua Ferguson QLD Level 3 (National)
Conrad Galuvao QLD Level 3 (National)
Paul Gautam QLD Level 3 (National)
Jonny Nelson QLD Level 3 (National)
Miles Anderson QLD Level 2 (State)
Peter Baskerville QLD Level 2 (State)
Janelle Chamberlain QLD Level 2 (State)
Bobby Dowdle QLD Level 2 (State)
Jessica Dumay QLD Level 2 (State)
Andrea Gledhill QLD Level 2 (State)
Regina Henderson QLD Level 2 (State)
Tamsyn Kiely QLD Level 2 (State)
Lorrell Nelson QLD Level 2 (State)
Sym Puskaric QLD Level 2 (State)
Tiago Amaral QLD Novice
Anna Bailey QLD Novice
Lauchlan Brown QLD Novice
Jamie Cougan QLD Novice
Jemma Cowper QLD Novice
Rohan Dwyer QLD Novice
Reid Emery QLD Novice
Jarad Evans QLD Novice
Emily Fleming QLD Novice
Brandon Greco QLD Novice
Helen Harvey QLD Novice
Beatriz Gil Hernández QLD Novice
Sam Hodby QLD Novice
Jasmin James QLD Novice
Kelly-Ann King QLD Novice
Melanie Lihou QLD Novice
Suzanna Lund QLD Novice
Greer Mason QLD Novice
Dominic Morton QLD Novice
Tim O'Shea QLD Novice
Brooke Ryan QLD Novice
Heath Ryan QLD Novice
Jay Tyler QLD Novice
Ann Walker QLD Novice
Simone Whalley QLD Novice
Andrea Sterns SA Level 4 (World)
Bianca Strahan SA Level 4 (World)
Jason Burchell SA Level 3 (National)
Gary Jones SA Level 3 (National)
Sarah Butler SA Level 2 (State)
Bradley Clewes SA Level 2 (State)
Nicola Fitzharris SA Level 2 (State)
Lee Glew SA Level 2 (State)
Dave Keetch SA Level 2 (State)
Jeffrey Lovelock SA Level 2 (State)
Emily Maddern SA Level 2 (State)
Jacob Noble SA Level 2 (State)
Michelle Smith SA Level 2 (State)
Amy Bower SA Novice
Mark Edmonds SA Novice
David Haupt SA Novice
Beaudean Lines SA Novice
Natalie Stone SA Novice
Jennifer Vale SA Novice
James Ward SA Novice
Wayne Howlett TAS Level 4 (World)
Nick Allie TAS Level 2 (State)
Bill Carey TAS Level 2 (State)
Shaune Howlett TAS Level 2 (State)
Dave Park TAS Level 2 (State)
Ricky Ferrar TAS Novice
Clayton Long TAS Novice
Cameron Mahon TAS Novice
Peter Mansfield TAS Novice
Luke Mayne TAS Novice
Danielle Seadon TAS Novice
James Seadon TAS Novice
Genevieve Smith TAS Novice
Steve Brown VIC Level 4 (World)
Charlie Coliero VIC Level 4 (World)
Ange Galati VIC Level 4 (World)
Brendan Hains VIC Level 4 (World)
Rud Lindley VIC Level 4 (World)
Barry Murray VIC Level 4 (World)
Marianne Peisl VIC Level 4 (World)
Anna Parygina VIC Level 3 (National)
Steve Ross VIC Level 3 (National)
James Wakefield VIC Level 3 (National)
Joe Zollo VIC Level 3 (National)
Maria Barba VIC Level 2 (State)
David Briguglio VIC Level 2 (State)
John Destefano VIC Level 2 (State)
Michael Roccheccioli VIC Level 2 (State)
Robyn Ross VIC Level 2 (State)
Janene Charman VIC Novice
Ian Dorward VIC Novice
Frances Fitzpatrick VIC Novice
Steve Russell VIC Novice
Geoff Barclay WA Level 4 (World)
Adam Coe WA Level 4 (World)
Henry Day WA Level 4 (World)
Kenyon Donaldson WA Level 4 (World)
Zo Kruger WA Level 4 (World)
Bill Harnett WA Level 3 (National)
Corey Millar WA Level 3 (National)
Stephen Ramsey WA Level 3 (National)
Greg Rawlinson WA Level 3 (National)
Stoj Stojanovic WA Level 3 (National)
Ryan Sunol WA Level 3 (National)
Jimmy Ambrose WA Level 2 (State)
Matthew Bylsma WA Level 2 (State)
Monica Cook WA Level 2 (State)
Jess Day WA Level 2 (State)
Maria Dobbin WA Level 2 (State)
Brodie Doggett WA Level 2 (State)
Bernadette Faigan WA Level 2 (State)
Peter Fear WA Level 2 (State)
Temera Hellriegel WA Level 2 (State)
Lauren Joyner WA Level 2 (State)
Annie Malard WA Level 2 (State)
Lucy Michon WA Level 2 (State)
Lian Murphy WA Level 2 (State)
Sam Murphy WA Level 2 (State)
Alisha Rawlnson WA Level 2 (State)
Jatz Rasmussen WA Level 2 (State)
Luca Rossi WA Level 2 (State)
Dion Stewart WA Level 2 (State)
Kat Becker (Rumbold) WA Novice
Jacklyn Cadona WA Novice
Paige Counsell WA Novice
Frances Cowan WA Novice
Allison Craven WA Novice
Margaret Dango WA Novice
Matt Dawson WA Novice
Jess De Glanville WA Novice
Danielle Dover WA Novice
Stephanie Forsyth WA Novice
Matteo Giubilate WA Novice
Miles Guy WA Novice
Ashleigh Hartigan WA Novice
Ross Hayes WA Novice
Dylan Hellriegel WA Novice
Cathy Henderson WA Novice
Colin Hogan WA Novice
Ahmed Hulameh WA Novice
Brad Humble WA Novice
Mark Inglis WA Novice
Dean Jackson WA Novice
Shauna Jenkins WA Novice
Darren Joy WA Novice
Ivan Kecic WA Novice
Sheen Kovacs WA Novice
Authur Krasicki WA Novice
Cathy Limbrick WA Novice
Kyle Love WA Novice
Jess Marshall WA Novice
Peter Mayhew WA Novice
Claire McLaren WA Novice
Rosario Murace WA Novice
Brooke Palmer WA Novice
Cameron Pilapil WA Novice
Mitch Quin-Conray WA Novice
Cody Stewart WA Novice
Gavin Stockil WA Novice
Orlando Tompkin-Drew WA Novice
Fiona Waddell WA Novice
Mel Webby WA Novice
Philip Wilde WA Novice


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