How to become a CAPO Referee

If you are interested in becoming a referee for CAPO Australian Powerlifting, please complete the written exam and when completed, please forward to the Technical Officer for marking.

  • Upon notification of your result, you will then be able to begin gaining referee experience by volunteering your time to referee at as many sanctioned meets as you can.
  • Please consult with your Referee Coordinator or Head Referee at meets, if there are any questions you may have.
  • Make sure you name is recorded against each meet to ensure you are allocated your sessions to be eligible for a referee upgrade.
  • With experience, you will then have the opportunity to upgrade your category at a State meet.


CAPO Referees Exam


Referee Listing

Level 2 (State)
Level 3 (National)
Level 4 (World)


Referees are reminded that to maintain your current referee level, you need to either:

  • refereed at least one competition equivalent to your referee level within the last 3 years; OR
  • remained active in the sport as a competitor and refereed at least one competition equivalent to your referee level within the last 5 years

If you have not refereed a competition equivalent to your referee level within the last 6 years, you will be required to undertake a refresher exam to ensure you are familiar with all rule book changes.


AUSTRALIAN RECORDS require: 2 x National + 1 x State
WORLD RECORDS require:  2 x World + 1 x National / State
Ariel Dencio ACT Novice
Billy Giampaolo ACT Novice
Glen Stewart ACT Novice
Heather Davidson ACT Level 3 (National)
John Bryne ACT Novice
Katrina Wilson ACT Novice
Alex Lowe NSW Level 2 (State)
Alli Goodsell NSW Novice
Damien Garrety NSW Novice
Dan Wright NSW Level 2 (State)
Danielle Hills NSW Novice
Danny Booth NSW Novice
George McLaren NSW Level 2 (State)
Greg Hills NSW Level 4 (World)
Herb Turvey NSW Level 3 (National)
Irina Musat  NSW Novice
Jai Quinlan NSW Novice
Jamie Flood NSW Novice
Kelly Drake NSW Novice
Laurie Butler NSW Level 4 (World)
Lucie Thompson NSW Novice
Lyndall Vile NSW Novice
Lyndell Gavin NSW Novice
Mary Birch NSW Level 4 (World)
Matt Flood NSW Novice
Michael Nicholas NSW Level 3 (National)
Michelina Bajjada NSW Level 2 (State)
Peter Weatherall NSW Level 3 (National)
Ron Birch NSW Level 4 (World)
Sukru Yavuz NSW Novice
Taylor Young NSW Level 4 (World)
Wulff Breitsameter NSW Novice
Anna Suvi Joutselainen NT Novice
Dave Smith NT Level 2 (State)
David Wenman NT Novice
Emily Holyoake NT Novice
Erica Schemmer NT Novice
Julie Shugg NT Novice
Kelly Rennie NT Novice
Lolita Wikander NT Level 2 (State)
Lucy Hill NT Novice
Lyndall Ryan NT Novice
Marcel Brewster NT Novice
Mitch Munro NT Level 2 (State)
Nicholas Munro NT Novice
Rhiannan Smith NT Novice
Vanessa Williams NT Novice
Wayde Hunter NT Novice
Alex Donald QLD Novice
Allan Kliese QLD Level 2 (State)
Bethaney Brant QLD Novice
Chris Brown QLD Level 3 (National)
Conrad Galuvao QLD Level 2 (State)
Cyll Duncan QLD Level 2 (State)
Dan Cann QLD Level 3 (National)
Dean Cowan QLD Level 2 (State)
Dino Toci QLD Level 4 (World)
Dominic Morton QLD Novice
Frank Manning QLD Level 4 (World)
Jamie Christensen QLD Level 2 (State)
Jason Durbridge QLD Level 2 (State)
Jason Tysoe QLD Level 4 (World)
Jeff Lam QLD Level 3 (National)
Jonny Nelson QLD Level 2 (State)
Liam Donald QLD Novice
Lorrell Nelson QLD Level 2 (State)
Marie White QLD Novice
Marietta Trentin QLD Novice
Mason Jardine QLD Level 4 (World)
Maurice Trentin QLD Novice
Maurie Craggs QLD Level 3 (National)
Michael Trentin QLD Level 4 (World)
Miles Anderson QLD Novice
Paul Nay QLD Level 4 (World)
Peter Baskerville QLD Level 2 (State)
Sym Puskaric QLD Level 2 (State)
Teresa Manning QLD Level 2 (State)
Vicki Cowan QLD Novice
Warrick Brant QLD Level 2 (State)
Yolandie Weir QLD Novice
Andrea Sterns SA Level 4 (World)
Gary Jones SA Level 2 (State)
Mark Edmonds SA Novice
Nicola Fitzharris SA Level 2 (State)
Yuris Sterns SA Level 4 (World)
Bill Carey TAS Level 2 (State)
Cameron Mahon TAS Novice
Clayton Long TAS Novice
Danielle Seadon TAS Novice
Dave Park TAS Level 2 (State)
James Seadon TAS Novice
Luke Mayne TAS Novice
Nick Allie TAS Level 2 (State)
Peter Mansfield TAS Novice
Ricky Ferrar TAS Novice
Shaune Howlett TAS Level 2 (State)
Wayne Howlett TAS Level 4 (World)
Ange Galati VIC Level 4 (World)
Ann Middleton VIC Novice
Barry Murray VIC Level 4 (World)
Brendan Hains VIC Level 3 (National)
Charlie Coliero VIC Level 4 (World)
Frank Mormile VIC Novice
Gregg Gordon VIC Level 2 (State)
Joe Zollo VIC Level 3 (National)
John Destefano VIC Level 2 (State)
Lockie Maxwell-Wright VIC Novice
Louise Vu-Duy VIC Novice
Maria Barba VIC Level 2 (State)
Marianne Peisl VIC Level 3 (National)
Michael Brittain VIC Level 4 (World)
Mick Smythe VIC Level 3 (National)
Rud Lindley VIC Level 4 (World)
Steve Brown VIC Level 4 (World)
Steve Ross VIC Novice
Aaron Kohn  WA Level 2 (State)
Adam Coe WA Level 4 (World)
Alisha Rawlnson WA Level 2 (State)
Andrew Pickering  WA Novice
Anthony Balcombe WA Novice
Ash Griggs WA Novice
Ashleigh Hartigan WA Novice
Bill Harnett WA Level 3 (National)
Brad Humble WA Novice
Bree Sturges WA Novice
Carl Rego WA Novice
Chris Winter WA Novice
Colin Hogan WA Novice
Corey Millar WA Level 2 (State)
Daniel Macri WA Novice
Darren Joy WA Novice
Dougie Terry  WA Level 2 (State)
Edmond Lin WA Novice
Erwein Latip  WA Novice
Frances Cowan WA Novice
Geoff Barclay WA Level 4 (World)
Greg Rawlinson WA Level 2 (State)
Henning Bach WA Level 3 (National)
Henry Day WA Level 4 (World)
Jakub Przezwanski WA Novice
Jatz Rasmussen  WA Level 2 (State)
Jess Day  WA Level 2 (State)
Jimmy Ambrose  WA Level 2 (State)
Joe McGowan WA Level 2 (State)
Kat Becker (Rumbold) WA Novice
Kate Lewis WA Novice
Kenyon Donaldson WA Level 2 (State)
Kyle Love WA Novice
Lauren Joyner WA Level 2 (State)
Leanne Baker  WA Novice
Levi Kissick-Ponga (Maddington)  WA Novice
Luca Rossi WA Level 2 (State)
Melanie Scrafton WA Novice
Monica Cook  WA Level 2 (State)
Natasha Glover  WA Novice
Philip Wilde WA Novice
Robin Lukosis WA Novice
Ross Semplice WA Level 2 (State)
Stephen Ramsey WA Level 3 (National)
Stojan Stojanovic WA Level 2 (State)
Stuart Macaulay  WA Novice
Stuart Wilde WA Novice
Tina Rodrigo WA Novice
Zo Kruger WA Level 2 (State)